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Auto Body Tips

Safety Tips For Driving In The Rain On Long Island

Driving in adverse weather can be challenging but all of it is within the control of a safe driver. If you have to drive in the rain, your number one job is to stay in control of your car. This will give you options when quick decisions have to be made to navigate safely through

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driving in rain on long island

Can I Choose Where To Have My Vehicle Repaired?

For most drivers, choosing an auto body repair center only comes to mind in the aftermath of an accident. Until you need repairs, it just isn’t something you’re likely to have given much thought. And that’s a tough enough time for a car owner as it is, never mind having to shop around for a

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End Of The Lease Inspection Tips That Will Save You Money

END OF LEASE INSPECTION WILL SAVE YOU MONEY Have you ever considered leasing a car rather than purchasing? As you reach the end of your lease you remember to inspect your car and realize that you may have to pay for those door dings, scratches and dents that you acquired over the course of your

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Common Car Paint Problems: Their Causes and How to Repair and Prevent Them from Happening

Over the years of using your car in and out of Long Island, there are really times when you will notice blemishes appearing on its paint. While others might be because of normal wear and tear, others really have their own distinct causes, which can actually be prevented. Once you notice these marks on your

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Tier 1 Collision Center

Where Can I Bring My Company Fleet For Auto Body Repairs?

Many people, in the Long Island area, know Tier 1 Collision Center for our service to the community. Perhaps, they’ve even had direct experience with our auto body and collision repair service. Far fewer people, however, understand that we have fleet service that takes care of some of the largest vehicle fleets in the state

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auto body fleet repairs

What is a Post Repair Inspection and Why it is Necessary?

Vehicles which have been in accidents should have a Post Repair inspection to insure that the repairs were done correctly. This evaluation is performed by a qualified third-party who is tasked with examining the repairs to ensure that the proper parts were used and the proper procedures were followed. During a post repair inspection the

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Finding a Great Local Body Shop

Every car enthusiast eventually needs an auto body shop and the services they provide. Hopefully it’s for graphics and custom painting rather than dents from minor parking lot benders. Regardless, a body shop provides an invaluable service when needed. There are a few considerations to evaluate when choosing a body shop to assure your car

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This country was founded on certain principles – the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness included.  One other right that you have, that not everyone knows, is the right to choose your repair shop.  That’s right, no matter what your insurance company or a tow truck driver tells you, you have the

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Freedom to choose body shop


Five million car accidents occur on American roads each year. If you are one of those people who experienced a car accident, you may have called your insurance company to report it and they may have suggested that you take your car to one of the shops enrolled in their Direct Repair Program. If you

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Insurance Steering


A car is often the first major investment a person makes. Whether you pay cash or are making payments, your car is more than just transportation. It’s your baby and a reflection of you. Better said, caring for, maintaining and hand washing a car shows that you are a person who takes pride in their

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