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You just got into what seemed like a harmless fender bender, but now you can’t move your head. The pain is intense, but just a few hours ago, you felt just fine. Don’t panic, but be concerned, because what you probably have whiplash. We interact with accident victims often here at Tier 1, and that’s

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After an Accident will the Auto Body Shop Make my Car Look as Good as New?

Yes – But. You knew there was the inevitable ” But” and there are many reasons why. First of all, auto body work is an art and there is a range of skill levels as in any other profession. Most auto body professionals adhere to a very high standard but is up to you, the

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Auto Body Shop Near Me

American’s today seek instantaneous gratification for everything. They want drive through drug stores, fast food shops and banking. In fact, statistics show that proximity to their home is one of the leading reasons people give when choosing most of their service providers. When choosing an auto body shop, many people Google “auto body shops near

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Lawsuit Blames Snapchat Speed Filter for Car Accident

A new lawsuit is alleging that Snapchat’s speed filter, which allows users to display the speed at which they’re moving while taking a photo, encourages reckless driving and can cause automobile crashes, The Verge reported. On September 10, 2015, 18-year-old Christal McGee was attempting to get over 100 mph on Snapchat’s speed filter and failed

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We hear it all of the time.  “We didn’t go to you first because you weren’t the closest, and I just went with a body shop near me.”  That’s why you should always have a repair shop in mind for if you get into an accident.  I know, the last thing that you want to

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Are You Really Covered For That Accident?

No one plans for an accident; however, statistics show that most people will have one every thirteen years or so. Because it’s not an event that happens on a regular basis (hopefully, anyway!), those involved in an accident are confused who to contact and whose guidance is best. Many people assume that because they have

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Why You Should Choose Your Own Long Island Collision Center

If you’ve been in an accident, you have the right by law to choose where to get your vehicle repaired. Car insurance companies typically refer their insured to a list of preferred collision centers with whom they have a working relationship. These preferred shops are selected based on a number of factors, not all of

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Chrysler Recalls 800,000 Vehicles for Confusing Shifter Design

The NHTSA says 41 injuries and more than 120 crashes have been reported, caused by drivers mistakenly exiting the car when it’s not in Park. Fiat Chrysler is voluntarily recalling 811,586 Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles after a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation found numerous instances of drivers mistakenly exiting their vehicles without shifting

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Don’t Fall Victim of Distracted Driving

EVERYONE HAS SEEN THE NEGATIVE IMPACT DRINKING ALCOHOL AND DRIVING HA SON OUR STREETS. Its common knowledge they don’t mix. We all agree that a driver’s judgment, awareness and reaction time is compromised when consuming alcohol for specified duration prior to driving. The campaign to inform the public about the dangers of mixing alcohol with

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Difference Between A Mechanic Shop And An Auto Body Shop

When considering whether you need auto body vs mechanic repairs, many people make the mistaken assumption that mechanics are qualified to perform all auto repairs. A lot of people view cars as a pile of parts that can be screwed and bolted together by anyone with the right tools. These assumptions often lead to dissatisfaction

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