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Are you looking for a good auto paint shop for your car on Long Island, NY?

If you have a car with scrapes, scratches, chips, faded paint or peeling clear coat or you are simply tired of the color of paint on your car, you’re going to want to find a Long Island auto paint shop that fits your specific needs.

Nothing speaks about the condition of your car like the paint job. Automotive paint jobs, even from the factory, have a life span. Typically it is a lot less than the life span of the car. While you might get ten, twelve, twenty or more years out of your car, the paint job is probably only going to last you ten years. So when it is time for a touch-up, a repair or an all over paint job, you need a shop that can do the job right.

Any painter will tell you that the quality of any paint job begins with the prep work. This includes all the tedious work like removing, trim, badges, headlights grille door handles etc. Even the little bits of rubber need to go. Ideally the whole car would be disassembled to get the best paint job, but that is not how most shops do re-sprays. Some paint shops cut a lot of corners on the paint job. And those short cuts can really harm the longevity of new paint job.

Quality materials is also important to get a long lasting paint job. Some of the discount shops or the small mom and pop shops use cheap materials. At Tier 1 Collision Center, we use only the best auto paint materials from PPG. We don’t skimp of the sand paper, primer, top coat or clear coat. That is why we can guarantee the quality of the repair for as long as you own the vehicle.

Unfortunately, there are some shops out there that will hire technicians who lack any training or certifications.  Those technicians will cut corners in their paint work by neglecting to use the appropriate primer or seam sealer, for instance, or they’ll only tape off the minimum area to be painted, risking overspray.  There are many steps involved in painting a car, so there are numerous ways to do it incorrectly.  Some problems, like overspray, can be easy to spot after your car is returned to you, but other problems take time to reveal themselves, like rusting due to a technician using the wrong types of materials.

At Tier 1 Collision Center, we have factory trained auto painters. That means they are trained by the manufacturer to recreate the paint job that the car left the factory with. That is why we can guarantee the quality of the repair for as long as you own the vehicle. Call us today to book an appointment 631-494-3620.

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